Partnering to Develop

Development is in your hands

Partnering to Develop

Just as the organizations we have the honour of working with are living systems, we too at K-rev are a living system. We are constantly interacting with our environment, and we regulate this interaction by means of continuous feedback.

When two similar living systems start interacting they become a new living system, a living system that can achieve results that would be unachievable for the two single systems.

Partnership indicates the temporary condition of birth and existence of a new living system, whose success depends on the degree and quality of the integration of the two (or more) once separate systems. Said degree and quality depends largely on the effective use of continuous feedback.

K-rev exists to succeed in generating with our Partners what they can not generate on their own.

Since the birth of our project, we have been involved in a constant dialogue with managers, our client Partner’s supervisors. Initially we worked only with the HR department, helping them improve the service they gave other departments: managers, supervisors and all the people involved in the performance management.

It was this generous and intelligent interaction that gave us with what we needed to arrive where we are today, Suite 2.0. This for us was a epochal turning point.

Today we can directly serve other functions or departments; anyone who is responsible for managing organizational processes. Materially helping them with real time monitoring, continuous improvement and development. We work with everyone, from CEOs to team leaders, from logistics to operations, sales, finance, procurement, sustainability, whatever the production sector or the type and size of the organization.

Partnership means growth, development. It is thanks to our Partners, to their trust, their feedback, their input and their vision of the future that we continue to improve and evolve, together.



Prizes and Awards

Special mention from PoliMi Observatories

Special mention in the ‘Continuous Performance Improvement’ category by the HR Tech Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano

1st prize from PoliMi Observatories

1st prize in the ‘Skills & Culture Development’ category by the HR Tech Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano

Special mention from Talent Garden

Special mention in the ‘Performance HR Tech Market’ category in the ‘HR Tech Observatory Map’ by Talent Garden

1st prize from European House - Ambrosetti

1st prize in the ‘Tech4future’ competition on post-Covid digitisation by The European House – Ambrosetti

The Suite 2.0

Development is in your hands


The K-Focus

Getting results, continuous improvement, innovation, satisfied and engaged people, attractiveness, consensus of our markets are our target conditions.

The Advantages

Our Suite 2.0 generates unique benefits as you use it for optimal management of continuous feedback, benefits that you can see in more detail, one by one

Partnership for Development

Partnership is growth, development: it is because of them, their trust, their feedback, their contribution, and their vision for the future that we continue to improve and evolve, together.