K-Focus Know-how Capability

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Continuous feedback leverages and accelerates improvement and development

Continuous daily monitoring of the distinctive capabilities of your organization, harmonised and observable sets of competences and behaviours, that highlight and describe accurately what you need to know, be and do in your organization

Continuous Improvement

Access to the state of the art, to data collected and processed daily regarding KNOW-HOW CAPABILITY (e.g. Supervising, Continuous Feedback Management), designing effective action plans, monitoring implementation and evaluating outcomes, feeding into any Plan-Do-Check-Act format at any speed, at any level of organizational complexity.

Data-Based decision making

The consolidated balance of the feedback and the progress record, cross-referenced with OKR data, Sustainability, People Satisfaction, Process Capability, Engagement, AND OTHER INTERNAL DATA SPECIFIC TO YOUR ORGANIZATION, gives you a SOLID BASE OF REAL DATA on which to formulate accurate evaluations and new development plans, at every level of organizational complexity.

Real Time

In real time, Suite 2.0 collects data and produces information regarding progress on KNOW-HOW CAPABILITY, at different levels of organizational complexity, from femto to macro: historic, trend, distribution of confirmation or misalignment feedback and current state. In REAL TIME it supplies the analytics and metrics required for data based

data-based decision making

Invest in the present, on the present and on the future

The Suite 2.0

Development is in your hands


The K-Focus

Getting results, continuous improvement, innovation, satisfied and engaged people, attractiveness, consensus of our markets are our target conditions.

The Advantages

Our Suite 2.0 generates unique benefits as you use it for optimal management of continuous feedback, benefits that you can see in more detail, one by one

Partnership for Development

Partnership is growth, development: it is because of them, their trust, their feedback, their contribution, and their vision for the future that we continue to improve and evolve, together.