Suite 2.0 is designed to optimise your time, helping you invest it more efficiently, most of all to generate information useful to your community.

Discover K-Rev Suite 2.0
Continuous feedback generates information essential to every living system

Time Saving

Registering feedback and re-feedback using Suite 2.0 turns the ‘archiving’ procedure into a process that generates valuable information.

We go beyond valuable time ‘saving’: it takes longer to write an email, or even a brief memo in a chat, that then has to be retrieved ‘manually’, and processed accordingly… assuming we remember having generated it in the first place, mission impossible.

Value Added Information

It’s not just faster, more accurate and contextualised: most importantly, it is shared in real time with the recipient and the community.

Not just zeroing retrieval time, not just zeroing reporting time (data processing), but above all, GENERATING VALUABLE INFORMATION SHARED IN REAL TIME. It is VALUABLE NOW, for the recipient and for the community.

data-based decision making

Invest in the present, on the present and on the future

The Suite 2.0

Development is in your hands


The K-Focus

Getting results, continuous improvement, innovation, satisfied and engaged people, attractiveness, consensus of our markets are our target conditions.

The Advantages

Our Suite 2.0 generates unique benefits as you use it for optimal management of continuous feedback, benefits that you can see in more detail, one by one

Partnership for Development

Partnership is growth, development: it is because of them, their trust, their feedback, their contribution, and their vision for the future that we continue to improve and evolve, together.