Suite 2.0 supplies you with the information you need NOW so that you know where you are up to NOW and can quickly decide what needs doing NOW, based on data.

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Continuous feedback generates information essential to every living system

Simple Complexity

In our accelerated whirlwind times, we can get a sense of what is going on only if we can simultaneously focus on every single element and process, and how it relates to every other process in our system. Normally, on a macro level, on the level of maximum organizational complexity, we are dealing with a dozen simultaneous processes, and about four million simultaneous interactions, a simple exponential calculation.

Our neural software dramatically simplifies the job of monitoring interactions, and the help of algorithms and AI simplify it even further. However, we still need a concise picture that respects and reflects the complexity of what we are dealing with, simply and accurately.

Suite 2.0 is an irreplaceable assistant.


Instruments that are both simple and sophisticated at the same time, capable of supplying IN REAL TIME, at every level of organizational complexity, the information you need NOW, to know where you are up to NOW and to quickly decide what needs doing NOW, based on data.

This is true for every single co-worker, at every level of organizational complexity, and for the Board, the thinking mind of any organization: in real time, all of and only the information you need NOW to know where you are up to NOW and to quickly decide what needs doing NOW, based on data.

And you get more, much more, than this, impossible without SUITE 2.0. Why?

Because only Suite 2.0 can tell you, simply, while respecting the complexities involved, how to correlate the feedback from and opinions of every component in your living community, know-how engaged in continuous feedback, with the results you are achieving.

Only with Suite 2.0 can you see how your community know-how is working towards the objective of prosperity and wellbeing of every individual and of the whole community.

data-based decision making

invest in the present, on the present and on the future

The Suite 2.0

Development is in your hands


The K-Focus

Getting results, continuous improvement, innovation, satisfied and engaged people, attractiveness, consensus of our markets are our target conditions.

The Advantages

Our Suite 2.0 generates unique benefits as you use it for optimal management of continuous feedback, benefits that you can see in more detail, one by one

Partnership for Development

Partnership is growth, development: it is because of them, their trust, their feedback, their contribution, and their vision for the future that we continue to improve and evolve, together.