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Staff performance assessment is the cornerstone of a successful business management policy. "Performance appraisal" clearly defines the relationships between managers and their employees. They allow the first to grow in their managerial role and recognize valuable collaborators within the company and the latter to receive stimulating feedback on their activities to deepen less developed areas of expertise.

That is why it is essential that the evaluation:

  • takes place quickly, effectively and in an engaging way;
  • takes place throughout the year;
  • has a scientifically structured evaluation scheme;
  • contains realistic and aggregate data.

It is also important for managers to:

  • complete the procedure in a short time (saving 8 hours a year per employee with K-REV);
  • opt for coherent feedback procedures;
  • intervene in real time on critical issues with the right training;
  • get tips on possible realignment plans;
  • identify high-potential figures in real time;
  • put talent management activities into play.

K-Rev can help in all these areas.