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The K-Rev platform is made up of a number of applications and a model of skills and behaviors: it solves all the issues highlighted during the performance evaluation by enabling the use of the collected data as a basis for organizational improvements in real time.

K-Rev allows you to:

  • enter each evaluation in a continuous, simple and guided mode: in less than a minute!
  • obtain the final evaluation report with a simple click, consolidating the ratings entered during the year;
  • facilitate the entry of the marks with guided procedures based on a structured skills model and behaviors with over 2,000 key correlations;
  • have at any time an up-to-date overview of the performance of the staff, by team, by function, by company populations;
  • make the evaluation effective and enjoyable through gamification principles;
  • provide real-time training through an advanced reporting system;
  • facilitate the adoption of a feedback culture in your organization;
  • get tips on action plans for collaborators and talent development plans.