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Training: "KPI's revolution"

K-Rev's approach starts with an in depth needs analysis where we would to detail with the client what they need and build a program to deliver results. We complete a gap analysis and identify the needs of each member of the staff with a group of specific behaviors to act on.

Our approach to training is different using the following models to build and develop core skills:

  • "Abilities approach" based on the 4 basic relational emotional skills (perception, understanding, use and management of emotions);
  • "Eliminating a culture of blame" approaching mistakes as a way towards growth;
  • Agile leadership” creating the right environment to empower staff in an ever changing company;
  • "Growth mindset" encouraging the workforce to improve. Recognising, rewarding and valuing growth;
  • "Continuous feedback" essential for the continuous improvement of the organisation and processes in a world that travels at incredible speeds;
  • "Feed forward", a way of providing the workforce with feedback focused to facilitate a natural drive to learn and improve in short times.

We works with clients to measure return on investment showing how training impacted the productivity. We are deeply convinced that training is a value that need to be recognized.

The K-REV training pillars:

Blended learning
Combining online materials and opportunities for interaction with traditional classroom training, trying to separate the theoretical contents, which can be transferred online via videos, podcasts or texts from the accompanying process that must be interactive (in e-learning or in presence).
Specialised trainers
Our specialised trainers have 20 years’ experience. We choose the most suitable teacher according to the topic, the target audience, the sector the client is in and the delivery method (in person lesson, group coaching, e-learning).
Training ROI (Return on Investment)
We monitor through our platforms the attendee’s behavior during the training  and the following period then we combine this measurable data submitted by managers and/or colleagues to measure the return on investment of the training course.

Consulting: "digital humanization"

K-Rev's consultancy is based on psychology and specifically the line of neuroscience: the continuous integration between cognitive and emotional, show us that the people who feel better, are the ones motivated because the company shows interest in investing in their development and these are also the people who work best in organizations.

“In a liquid modern life there are no permanent bonds, and any that we take up for a time must be tied loosely so that they can be untied again, as quickly and as effortlessly as possible, when circumstances change - as they surely will in our liquid modern society, over and over again.” [Zygmunt Bauman]

Our research includes external factors which make changes in organizations urgent. Globalisation, the massive digitization, the post-pandemic, the speed of change in many contexts, the fast pace life push towards a change from the traditional management as traditional leadership models are inefficient in this scenario. The classic control by a leader over several followers  leaves room for more and more "weakly linked", participatory and "fluid" models in which the thrust from below, work for objectives and the ability to adapt are fundamental.

We support your HR team by providing change management processes:

  • user-friendly performance management based on SMART targets to focus on performance improvement;
  • 4th generation assessment systems and development tools that incorporate organisational models with features to manage the new normal;
  • the design and implementation of reward systems and flexible corporate welfare;
  • the design of efficient training academies to support the growth of corporate culture.

The K-REV consultancy pillars:

Stakeholders leading by examples
We believe all the stakeholders need to be involved in the changes to overcome challenges to the new implementations. This is the only possibility to contain and reduce the phenomena of rejection that block change (see syndromes DAD, NIMO, NIMTO, NIMBY…).
Gentle push (Nudge)
“A nudge is any aspect of the choice architecture that alters people's behaviour in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives. To count as a mere nudge, the intervention must be easy and cheap to avoid.” [Thaler & Sunstein] Facilitating and encouraging rather than convincing or forcing: we have developed our systems from learning and listening to our clients’ difficulties in implementing change.
Innovative platforms
Our truly innovative and user-friendly 4.0 tools and platforms are designed to be easily accessed by everyone. They highlight the doubts preventing people and organisations to see situations, problems and difficulties and, at the same time, enable them to decide in the most rational and complete way possible.