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When doing an assessment...

Personnel assessment and the implementation of custom systems to achieve it have the goal of enhancing human resources by promoting their personal and professional growth and are key to triggering a virtuous process of continuous improvement of the individual and the organization. If a company just trusts sound judgment for the valuation of its employees and collaborators, it will leave success in its two most important areas to chance: knowledge of human resources in their personal characteristics and competence and the promotion and enrichment of their skills through training and development.

Therefore, for an organization, it is crucial to be able to identify the most efficient and proactive people as well as the least performing ones in order to put in place useful performance plans, reward and training systems in order to fill in any gaps and give value to existing talents.

...there are many issues.

We are sure that in the past you asked yourself:

  • Why, given the interesting premise, is the moment of evaluation a nightmare experience rather than an opportunity for growth for staff and organizations?
  • How is it possible for evaluators to spend over 72 hours on average compiling end-of-year evaluation reports by entering data that is generally unlikely, "generous," levelled, and very discordant compared to other performance-based KPIs (volumes, value, cost, service, time, efficiency and effectiveness, internal or external)?
  • Are your managers aware of how to evaluate the skills of their subordinates?
  • How many of them have it clear that in order to establish correlations between results and skills, it is indispensable to identify the individual behaviors that underlie them and define them?

Because of the limitations of the human mind the performance evaluation process is subject to the so-called "cognitive bias", real errors of assessment or lack of objectivity, which lead to interpretations of the information at hand, even when not logically or semantically connected with each other, not consistent with the facts. It is not so easy with the currently available assessment systems to quickly analyze the status of the organization, identify training interventions for its improvement, and to easily set up business alignment plans: this results in a fleeing escape of talents which harms the organization’s wellbeing.

That's why K-Rev might be the answer to these issues.

We have the solution...

Performance appraisal is the cornerstone of a successful business management policy. It allows executives to grow in their managerial role and recognize valuable collaborators within the company and employees to receive stimulating feedback on their activities to deepen less developed areas of expertise.

That is why it is essential that the evaluation:

  • takes place quickly, effectively and in an engaging way;
  • takes place throughout the year;
  • has a scientifically structured evaluation scheme;
  • contains realistic and aggregate data.

It is also important for managers to:

  • complete the procedure in minutes (saving a lot of time with K-REV);
  • intervene in real time on critical issues with the right training;
  • get tips on possible realignment plans;
  • identify high-potential figures in real time;
  • put talent management activities into play.

K-Rev can help in all these areas.

...thanks to our platforms!

The K-Rev platform is made up of a number of applications and a model of skills and behaviors: it solves all the issues highlighted during the performance evaluation by enabling the use of the collected data as a basis for organizational improvements in real time.

K-Rev allows you to:

  • enter each evaluation in a continuous, simple and guided mode: in less than a minute!
  • obtain the final evaluation report with a simple click, consolidating the ratings entered during the year;
  • facilitate the entry of the marks with guided procedures based on a structured skills model and behaviors with over 2,000 key correlations;
  • have at any time an up-to-date overview of the performance of the staff, by team, by function, by company populations;
  • make the evaluation effective and enjoyable through gamification principles;
  • provide real-time training through an advanced reporting system;
  • facilitate the adoption of a feedback culture in your organization;
  • get tips on action plans for collaborators and talent development plans.

In different application areas...

Managing & Developing Talent

Enhancing and supporting the detection and development of talents, thanks to dashboards and time sensitive infographics showing feedback trends on skills and behaviours. This makes the identification of individual and group talents more reliable and faster both for HR staff and managers.

Managing & Boosting Performance

Promoting the feedback culture, through the assessment of the collaborators' performance. Providing top management with data on behaviours, skills and company values in real time and effectively.

Empowering Training ROI

Checking the effectivness of the training program, through an exante mapping of the skills and behaviours to be trained, followed by an ex-post mapping, all this based on a predefined set of people and range of time. This kind of data analysis allows a precise assessment of the real effects on performance (the so called R.O.I.)

...we meet your needs.

People Centric Model
We support people and organisations to acknowledge and nurture their Talents.
We are able to interpret the complexity of the company thanks to our easy-to-read dashboard, providing the entire company population with a shared debate basis.
We accelerate the development of the Just Culture through the empowerment of the “Added Value Conversations”.